• June 11, 2021

The Process Of Filing A Slip And Fall Claim

Accidents happen, and the most common of those occur due to a slip and fall. Make sure to write down all circumstances that led you to the accident. You have to answer the following questions.

  • What was the time of the slip and fall accident?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the accident?
  • What were you wearing at the time of the accident?
  • Did anyone notice you falling? Did you get their name and contact information?
  • Did the accident happen inside or outside the building?
  • Did the accident happen on pavement or wet floor?
  • Were there any obstructions that led you to fall?

Contacting the authorities

After the slip and fall accident, be sure to contact the property owner or in charge on the scene. Make sure to notify someone in authority that you have been injured. Some businesses have rules and policies in place to deal with accidents and incidents. A corporate officer may ask you to fill out an injury report explaining the slip and fall accident. Make sure to take photos of the location of the accident. Those photos should elaborate the scene, proving the point that you slipped and fell due to a hazardous situation.

Getting medical attention

If the slip and fall accident has resulted in serious injuries, ask the store representative to call emergency services. Get examined by a physician if you have suffered a head or back injury or broken bones. If the site of the accident belongs to a large corporation, you may get immediate medical attention from an on-side physician employed by the company. Remember, doing nothing after an accident is the worst thing. A serious injury can cost you lost wages and chronic pain. Make sure to get immediate medical attention, and document your case carefully.

Filing a slip and fall case

Remember, filing a slip and fall case is not a DIY thing. Due to fraudulent slip and fall cases becoming more commonplace, you have got to get a valid legal representation. That will help you win a legitimate case. You will have to hire a skilled slip and fall attorney to raise your prospects of getting a fair settlement.

A skilled slip and fall attorney will first interview you and assess whether your claim is legitimate. He will make sure that you haven’t got injured due to your negligence. A skilled slip and fall attorney will not proceed with false claims to win the case.

Being prepared to win

Before you have a meeting with the slip and fall attorney, you have to bring your notes explaining the accident. You will also have to give proper details about missed workdays, medical attention acquired, and your ability to return to work. Your attorney will look at whether you have some long-term or chronic injuries due to the accident.

Your slip and fall attorney may also schedule a meeting with your physician to document your medical visits and everything related to injuries due to the accident. These details will help your slip and fall attorney formulate a claim that would help you get a fair settlement.

Remember that business owners and corporations never want to compensate slip and fall victims. That is because they are usually the victims of fraudulent claims. That is why it is necessary to prove the legitimacy of your claim.

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