• June 9, 2021

Damage And Disabilities Due To Slip And Fall Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, falling is a leading reason for non-fatal and fatal injuries in people above 65. So, if you or your loved one is close to that age, it is necessary to know that there are always some ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. A fall can occur anywhere, including your home and public locations.

Causes of slip and fall

People slip and fall, most commonly on wet pavements or over an obstacle. Some other conditions contributing to the fall are dizziness due to a change in medication, change in eyesight or hearing, lack of body strength and stability, and pain in the leg or foot. Environmental conditions leading to a fall are loose floor covering, poor lighting, and missing handrails.

Most people visualize hip fractures when they think of injuries occurring due to a fall. However, fractures in the arms, hands, legs, ankles and feet are also not less frequent. A fall can also result in head trauma or spinal injuries, both of which are rather frightening. Injuries of minimal severity due to a fall are bruises, lacerations, and damage to the ego.

Serious slip and fall injuries

Fall injuries can lead to increased medical bills and lengthy hospital stays. It can result in a loss of income even after the victim recovers and gets back to work. Such victims have a fear of future falling, making them more hesitant to go out. That contributes to the loss of mobility. Some people may even more to an assisted living facility.

The good news is there are many ways to avoid falling and subsequent injuries. First off, you will have to meet with your doctor. Speak to them about the near-falls you have had quite recently. Get the list of your medication reviewed. Tell them about dizziness or instability you feel after medications. Be sure to visit an eye doctor to get your eyesight checked.

Make sure to avoid putting on weight. For this purpose, you can engage in physical activities that also help improve your balance, strength, and flexibility. You can discuss your physical activity regimen with your doctor to formulate a plan that works best for you.

Taking steps to prevent a slip and fall

Get physical aids that help you get moving conveniently. Make sure that your shoes are low-heeled with rubber soles and tight laces. Alternatively, you can choose footwear that utilizes Velcro fasteners. If you have got a recommendation for a cane, walker, or wheelchair, make sure that you understand its proper use. Use grab-bars and handrails in public places. Get these features installed at your home as well.

When getting up after lying down or sitting for a long time, ensure a gradual transition to your standing posture to avoid dizziness. Check the weather forecast before moving out. Make sure to avoid walking on wet walkways and parking lots.

These guidelines will help you ensure your safety at home and outside. You will be able to avoid slip and fall accidents this way.

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