• June 5, 2021

Time Required To Settle A Slip And Fall Case

After suffering a slip and fall, filing a claim for compensation and wondering how long it would take for the case to settle may be among the first few things you consider.

Settling a slip and fall case can take a long time due to the lengthy legal procedure involved. If your case is fairly simple that proves liability without giving much chance to the other party to challenge your claim, you may get a settlement in just a few months. However, any complexities mean you could be in for a long time.

The average settlement for a slip and fall case

Not every slip and fall case is created equal. That is why determining the average time such a case take can be a tough ask. The amount of settlement received in a case will depend on the proof of negligence.

Factors impacting the amount of settlement received may include the following.

  • Negligence from the property owner or business
  • The severity of injuries
  • Dangerous conditions of the location
  • Proof that injuries happened due to the slip and fall
  • Proof that the property owner was aware of the danger
  • The possibility of negligence from your side

Damages you could receive in a slip and fall case

You will be able to get compensation for the following damages or expenses.

  • Lost wages
  • Medical treatment
  • Disability due to injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other costs associated with the accident

Apart from these damages, you may also be able to claim for how injuries have been impacting you. You can file for pain and suffering based on the following factors.

  • Sleep problems
  • Inconvenience
  • Grief and worry
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Do these cases go to trial?

Most of the time, these cases get resolved before going to trial. However, some cases end in court. Since slip and fall cases are more common than you think, it will be impossible for a court to hear every case if it must go to trial. The cases that go to the trial are usually the ones with a reasonable dispute. Sometimes, there is missing information that a party must understand.

Winning a slip and fall lawsuit

This lawsuit can be complex and difficult to win. The plaintiff has to prove a few things to get a fair settlement. These things are the following.

  • The accident happened due to someone else’s fault.
  • The injuries you have are due to the fall.
  • The injuries you suffered have led to financial losses.

Hiring a lawyer

If you have suffered a slip and fall accident, and you think you deserve fair compensation for that, you have to hire a lawyer. Remember, most slip and fall cases are not suitable for self-representation. That because companies providing financial coverage employ services of fierce legal teams that tend to avert any attempt for compensation. They can come up with several points and questions that might lead you towards getting insufficient or even no compensation for your injuries. Hiring a lawyer will help you get all your documents fully ready for the case.

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