• June 5, 2021

Hiring A Lawyer For Slip And Injury Case

You do not need a lawyer for every personal injury case. You can work on a personal injury case involving a minor accident on your own. However, self-representation may not be the most suitable option in most cases. Particularly in slip and fall cases, you have to hire a personal injury attorney to get a professional person fighting on your behalf. That is because the fault of a slip and fall case is usually not clear. Property owners will do everything to avoid accepting legal responsibility for your injury unless liability is more obvious.

The job of a personal injury attorney is to get the attention of the defendant and the company covering their damages.

The lawyer support

If you want to get your slip and fall case in a position to reach an ideal settlement or at least qualify to go to the court, you will have to work with your lawyer to prove that the proper owner was guilty of negligence due to which the accident happened.

Your lawyer will first see how your accident occurred. Fall can happen quickly, and a lot of people have no idea how they fell while walking on someone else’s property.

Suppose you fell down the stairs. Did it happen due to a missing step? What were you wearing on your feet at the time of falling? Did you hold on to a handrail? Did your foot slip? Where were you looking at the time of falling?

All this information only determines how you feel. The attorney will have to figure out how to hold the defendant responsible for the incident. So, answering the following questions is critical.

  • Did you slip due to a substance on the surface or a defect on the step?
  • Did you trip over something you were wearing?
  • Did you lose your balance?
  • Were you using your phone?
  • Were there risers of varying heights?

A good lawyer will look at the scene and discuss every possibility to determine why you fell. The liability investigation will also include a review of laws of the applicable state or locality to determine if property conditions were in violation of any regulations. Your attorney will consult with other experts to help you with your case.

Proving losses due to slip and fall

Proving the state of your injuries and other damages requires an ample amount of paperwork. You and your lawyer will have to look through your employment records to document your lost income properly. Remember, it can be hard to get a clear picture of everything. You will also have to document other non-economic losses due to the accident such as pain and suffering.

The cost of slip and fall lawyer

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingent fee when working on a slip and fall case. It means your lawyer will get their fee only when you get the compensation money. You will not have to pay anything if you do not get anything. Generally, you will have to give a percentage of your compensation as a fee. You can discuss the fee plan and every other aspect of the case with your lawyer.

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