• June 5, 2021

Are Slip And Fall Cases Difficult To Win?

A slip and fall case can be devastating from both physical and financial perspectives. After the accident, you may be thinking of filing a claim, but you are wondering what you have to do to win the case.

The necessity to prove a few things makes slip and fall cases more complicated than many other personal injury claims.

First, you have to prove that the accident happened due to someone else’s negligence. Then you have to prove that the accident caused your injuries directly. And then you have to prove that the slip and fall accident injuries made you suffer some financial losses.

A slip and fall accident can occur in many ways.

From the lack of signage warning about a wet floor to a failure to maintain safe sidewalks, the reasons for slip and fall accidents are countless.

But remember, proving your case can be quite difficult even if a property owner fails to protect you from a slip and fall injury.

This article discusses why winning your slip and fall case can be difficult.

Slip and fall cases that go to trial

Most slip and trial cases settle out of the court because defendants understand that it may be less expensive and less time-consuming to avoid a case from entering the court.

However, each of these cases is unique, and its outcome will depend on some unique circumstances related to your accident.

Some cases get settled before a jury takes place, while some conclude before a scheduled trial.

Whether or not your case goes to trial also depends on the willingness of the compensation company to offer a fair settlement to the victim of the accident.

Duration of a slip and fall case

Because a slip and fall case can take a few months to a few years to get settled, it is pretty hard to say something about its average duration. The duration of the case is usually determined by a few circumstances involved in the case.

Victims of slip and fall cases usually have little control throughout the case before it gets settled. While you can skip on a few things to speed up the process, you have to make sure that you take enough time to get the settlement you deserve.

Proving negligence in a slip and fall case

It is the prime responsibility of every property owner to maintain their property and fix anything that can prove hazardous.

Although the condition of the property may be an obvious factor contributing to the accident, proving that the property owner was negligent can be hard.

Property owners will be quick to shift the fault of the accident and subsequent injuries onto the victims. At that point, you have to prove that property owners should have known the condition of their property and fixed the problem. Proving negligence this way can be quite hard. The companies responsible to provide compensation for injuries will also do their best to avoid paying a hefty amount.

At this point, your best bet is to hire a skilled attorney to fight on your behalf. A professional lawyer will help you collect every shred of evidence that may prove helpful to prove your point and win the case.

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