• June 5, 2021

A Few Vital Steps Immediately After Slip-and-Fall Injury

The first few steps after a slip and fall accident are crucial. You will want to pursue a slip and fall injury lawsuit to get compensated for your injuries. For this purpose, you will have to prove that you got injured due to the property owner’s negligence. That essentially means the burden of proof will be on you.

The crucial part of a slip and fall injury case involves proving that the dangerous condition of the proper caused you to fall. You will also have to prove that the property owner knew about the condition.

Here are the initial few steps you have to take after the slip and fall accident.

Documenting everything

You will need proper documentation of everything when consulting your doctor and lawyer. The more details you have about the incident, the more likely your case will move towards a fair settlement. Here are a few points you should consider to prove the fault of the property owner.

  • Circumstances that resulted in the fall
  • Visible defects at the time or the presence of any other objects that might have contributed to the fall
  • Dangerous condition of the property
  • Presence or absence of warning signs to inform people about the potential danger

You may have to get pictures of the scene to preserve your evidence. Be sure to look around and find eyewitnesses. Having eyewitnesses proving your version of the story true can give you a clear edge in your slip and fall injury case.

Making an appointment with the doctor

Your injury might seem minor at the moment, but getting it checked out immediately with a doctor can help you in terms of your health and legal reasons. You have to make sure to provide as many details as possible to get an accurate diagnosis. The report on your condition will get added to the collection of evidence.

This medical report will specify the impact of injuries on your ability to go to work. You can use this report to tell the other party or the jury about your missed workdays. It will help you get compensated for your lost wages.

Contact an attorney

Your slip and injury claim may require you to collect evidence and navigate your local court system. At that point, you may want to hire a personal injury lawyer. That lawyer will help you get through the process of your case efficiently and painlessly.

First off, your lawyer will help you organize everything that can be shown as evidence in front of the other party and court. The lawyer will consult with other experts in the field to discuss the prospects of your case. It will help them determine what it would take for you to win the case.

You can ask your lawyer to negotiate over the compensation money on your behalf. He or she will know how to present evidence in front of the other party and their coverage companies. That will help you reach a fair settlement.

Even if your case ends up in the courtroom, your lawyer will be there to speak on your behalf. He will try to convince the jury of negligence from the property owner’s side, helping you get a fair settlement.

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