• May 12, 2021

Slip And Fall During Winter Storms

The winter season can become a real hassle for some people. Getting out of the home is necessary from time to time. With winter snow and ice becoming more ordinary, it becomes quite challenging to walk on pavements. That raises the risk of falling, which is the leading cause of preventable injuries in the US.

Slip and fall accidents can cause many injuries. Several other factors also come into play. For instance, older citizens and ones with medical conditions are more exposed to life-threatening injuries due to falling. That means injuries of seemingly minor severity may turn out to be a cause of concern.

Common injuries in slip and fall during winters

Slip and fall accidents can result in some common injuries. We will discuss a few of them below.

  • Sprains and strains: Both strains and sprains refer to the tearing or stretching of soft tissues. Sprains cause problems from ligaments, while strains impact muscles or tendons. Both these conditions can be extremely painful. Most strains and sprains during winters affect wrists and ankles.
  • Fractures and broken bones: According to stats, one in every 20 falls results in broken bones or fractures. In such a scenario, the recovery will depend on which bone is broken and the severity of the fracture.
  • Back and spine injuries: According to stats, about 31 percent of new spinal cord injuries in the US happen due to slip and fall cases. Landing on your back can result in a fractured vertebra, leading to excruciating pain and even disability. A slip and fall can also result in a compressed, herniated, or slipped disc. This injury can result in severe pain and reduced mobility.
  • Head and brain injuries: The most serious impact of a slip and fall can occur on the head or brain. That typically happens if the victim’s head collides with the ground. Brain injuries can be quite serious because they can worsen over time. That is why getting to a doctor immediately after receiving a head injury is crucial.

Proving a weather-related slip and fall claim

All property owners must adhere to a routine check regimen to make sure their properties are safe for guests and visitors. That is because when a guest is injured, the liability can fall on the property owner.

Here are a few issues that can come up in winter-related slip and fall cases.

Who is responsible for the property maintenance?

Sometimes, the slip and fall can occur on a neighbor’s walkway. That helps you make a straightforward claim. However, the situation can become a bit tricky if you slipped and fell in a parking lot, sidewalk, or a business’s common area. Finding a person responsible for the fault will not be that easy. That’s where you have to identify all potentially liable parties.

What if you know who the property owner is?

It is usually more common to slip and fall on a friend’s or acquaintance’s property. Bringing a claim against responsible parties in such a scenario can be a tough ask because many plaintiffs are hesitant to do so. That’s where you may want to go for a mutual agreement.

What to do after a slip and fall accident on snow or ice

  • First off, make sure to visit your doctor to get immediate medical attention. The medical records will then prove the property owner responsible for your injuries.
  • After the accident, be quick to report it to the property owner. That will create a log of events. It can help settle negotiations.
  • Gather evidence of conditions. Take pictures of the accident scene. Document everything and keep copies of the paperwork.
  • Avoid discussing your accident with anyone other than your lawyer.

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